S1e4 : Fais comme l’oiseau

Ce quatrième épisode est consacré à un oiseau des seventies :


You can find a summary in English below.

La pochette du 45T de Michel Fugain et le big bazar :

La pochette brésilienne de la version originale d’Antonio Carlos & Jocafi :

Un autre lien vers la version de Wilson Simonal

For my Friends who don’t speak French a summary in English. I hope it can help to follow what I say :

In this 4th episode, it’s a 70’s bird that will take us on a journey.

– Sample of the cover

Fais comme l’oiseau is one of the most famous songs (with Attention Mesdames et Messieurs and Une belle histoire) from the first LP of Michel Fugain and the Big Bazar. The album, which had no title when it was released, is now listed under the label « Fais comme l’oiseau« .

Before becoming a singer himself, Michel Fugain worked as a music composer at Eddie Barclay’s company. He wrote melodies for Michel Sardou, Hugues Aufray, Dalida … In 1968, he signed the official anthem of the Olympic Games in Grenoble (the city where he is from).

He had some solo successes including Je n’aurais pas le temps in 1967, but his real hits happened with Le Big Bazar, the troupe he created in 1972.

Le Big Bazar is a variable geometry troupe made up of singers, dancers and actors. Their shows look like more musicals rather than regular concerts. Their look and the themes of their songs suggest that the success of Hair (adapted in France in 1971) may have influenced them. Regardless, the media will say that they are the most prominent embodiment of the hippie spirit in France. The French lyrics of “Fais comme l’oiseau”, signed by Pierre Delanoë, is perfectly in line with the post-Woodstock era, both “It lives with pure air and fresh water, a bird” and “I am afraid of men and of war ”.

As for the music… let’s listen to the original version.

– Sample of the original version

It was during a vacation in Brazil that Michel Fugain would have heard Você abusou which is the original version of Antônio Carlos and Jocáfi dating from 71, Le Big Bazar recording it in 1972 for their first album. I could not say if Michel Fugain heard the original version or another version because in Brazil at least 4 versions were released in 71. In particular Wilson Simonal (singer of whom we will speak again), recorded one with choirs which personally evoke me strongly those of Fais comme l’oiseau:

  • Sample of  Wilson Simonal’s version

According to online translators, the original lyrics have nothing to do with the French one. The title Voce abusou would mean « you abused (of me) ». The song appears to be classically an unhappy love song. A verse even confessing :

« And forgive me if I insist on this theme

But I don’t know how to write a poem or a song

Who’s talking about something else that isn’t love. « 

Now that you know the Brazilian origins of this Michel Fugain hit, I’m counting on you to swing your hips on the dance floor the next time you hear Fais comme l’oiseau at a 70’s themed party.

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